This site is dedicated to my sled dogs, their well being and their care while we train for and run the 2007 Yukon Quest 300 dog sled race. Particularly it is dedicated to the memory of Talbot and Rocket, two of the most amazing lead dogs ever to hit the trail, now gone to better trails.

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's a bit of a quiet day here today, catching up on paper work and other details, Heather has been napping the last hour or two, letting her body heal from the surgery and preparing to go up for the 5 oclock feeding and then again maybe at 8 pm. Now I have a bit of time and since there seem to be quite a few people following this blog, I thought I would share a little piece of the Yukon with you. This is what we do for fun on a Sunday float planes down the lake and into the sky. :>:>:>:> Yes we are an odd lot us Yukonners, given to all kinds of mischief when we get a chance, but always there to help each other when the need arises. It would be nice if everyone reading this could come for a visit and a flight over the mountains to experience the beauty that surrounds us there, but I know that is not possible, Hopefully this little video will suffice to give you a taste of the Yukon. I think it will be a great place for Adelaide and Sarah to grow up, no lack of places to explore and things to keep young minds active and indulged. I am sure, with all the support we are getting while we are away, that they will have lots of supportive adults and friends to help see them through lifes curves and twists on those occasions when Mum and Dad don't have the answers.

Enjoy this little piece of the Yukon that we want to share with you.




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