This site is dedicated to my sled dogs, their well being and their care while we train for and run the 2007 Yukon Quest 300 dog sled race. Particularly it is dedicated to the memory of Talbot and Rocket, two of the most amazing lead dogs ever to hit the trail, now gone to better trails.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I haven't been able to upload photo's from the computer that my sister Maureen left for us, but it has been so nice to have the use of it in our room and makes being away from family and friends at this time much more bearable. Adelaide and Sarah are doing well, very normal for babies who are 6 weeks premature. Tonight we give Sarah her first bath ( not actually her first, but the first one we will give her) Cindy, their nurse on duty last night showed us how to bathe them, so tonight we get to try it on our own. This will be one of many firsts I am sure and the difficulty for us may be disagreeing on who should be the one who gets to do it........ It is pretty amazing to hold these two little beings in our arms and dream about the day we get to take them home and all the changes they will bring to our lives. It is difficult at times to remember that they were born six weeks early and that, had things unfolded differently, we would not even be holding them just yet. Part of that difficulty is attributed to the fact that they are so healthy and big that they just do not seem like "premies or Prems" as they are called in the nursery. They sleep lots and it is difficult not to want to just hold them all the time. The nurses are pretty firm with us that they need to sleep lots as this is the time when they grow and develop. I guess we should try to look a few months down the road and appreciate the fact that they do sleep so much now, as we may wish they will at that point.

Thanks to everyone who has called, sent e-mails and looked after all the details that we are not able to at this time, you can't begin to know how much this means. I'll try to get to an internet cafe soon to put a few more photos out.


Sean, Heather, Adelaide and Sarah



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