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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Guess what...???

More baby pictures...what a surprise right??? I think that is a statutory right of new parents and hey you always have the option to log off this site:>:>:>


Sean and Heather

So, one of the nurses made this nice card for the babies as they have been cleared for being transfered to Whitehorse General Hospital, we are now just awaiting a transfer there. The nursing staff in the Intensive Care Nursery have been so helpfull and kind to us.....Thanks:>>

Right, so here is Adelaide once again giving the world the "high five"...or is she just saying "nooooooo Daddy no more pictures, your boring people....."
Here's Mum and .... ok so that is happening, yes Adelaide and Sarah do look enough alike that occasionally if we don't look at name tags, we get them mixed up.....I doubt that is an uncommon situation for new parents of twins and I am sure if these two litle ones have much sense of humour, (which I am sure they will), they will make life interesting for us.....
No Adelaide and Sarah are not joined together by a tube , that is Sarah's feeding tube which is laying on the bed at Adelaide's head. Their hair looks to be very fair coloured, possibly even blond, I wonder if it will change colour.
Right.... so you have to entertain yourself somehow in Kamloops when you have some time on your hands and it is Christmas season...... (Well almost)We got our best presents ever.just alittle early......
No we didn't put Adelaide in a Christmas Stocking... she wouldn't fit, so we just draped it over her.

No it isn't the same picture as above, just another high five from Adelaide, which is funny as her sisters name sake dog "Sarah" at home in the kennel gives some pretty good high fives...
The rest of the card that Evelyn made for the girls...Thanks



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