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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Life in the Nursery

We go up to be with the babies a couple of times a day and are learning to change, bathe and feed them and although we would dearly love to be home right now, it is a good oppurtunity for us to learn as much as possible from the nurses in the Intensive care Nursery. It seems there are a million or two tricks that they know and it is hard to absorb all they try to impart. Heather and I are getting caught up on rest, which some say we should enjoy as it won't last........ The next leg of this adventure is to have the family transferred to Whitehorse General Hospital till the girls are feeding without a tube. At present they take about half of their feeding from a bottle, or Mum and the rest through a feeding tube. This is, we are assured, normal for premature babies at their stage. I see changes on what seems like a daily basis, Sarahs' chin seems to be filling out and she seems more alert and observant the last day or two. It is really fun to see their facial expressions and the way they move their arms and legs, I wonder what it must be like to be in there and have these two people come and change and feed you a few times a day. They seem like quiet, happy babies, hope that doesn't change.... well the happy part anyway:>:>:>:>:>





Blogger Tricia said...

Thanks for the frequent updates. You all look like a happy family.

from Tricia (Brenda's daughter)

11:21 PM


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