This site is dedicated to my sled dogs, their well being and their care while we train for and run the 2007 Yukon Quest 300 dog sled race. Particularly it is dedicated to the memory of Talbot and Rocket, two of the most amazing lead dogs ever to hit the trail, now gone to better trails.

Monday, November 20, 2006

November Training

Just a short note on training to date this month. We've been out much more regularly this month than previously, first on the ATV with 18 dogs and now with 10 dogs on the sled. Snow conditions aren't great, and within a week we had blown out one set of runner plastic and part of the aluminum rail that attaches it to the sled. Being a sport where adaptation to changing conditions is the norm, I had a friend cut a piece of 3/16 steel into two even lengths that I screwed to the runner bottoms. Rocks and gravel are no longer an issue!!! We are still only running ten miles at a time, which will likely move to 20 on the weekend. The dogs did well at the Copper Haul Twister Race in Whitehorse on the weekend, placing 4th and 9th and averaging 2-3 miles per hour faster than we are training right now, again, with no injuries or major sore muscles. Nonetheless, even though I am anxious to move the mileage up, I want to make sure they are ready, mentally and physically. My friend, coach and mentor (one of them), Bill Stewart looked at the dogs when I was in Whitehorse and said he thought they looked in good shape for this time of year, except of course, Fred, who is always a bit on the thin side because of his Hypothyroid condition. We will work on that one with Fred.

Next week, I will likely start running them to work and back. This means getting up at 4:30 am to water the dogs who are staying home, harness, booty and hook up the ten I am taking, run them the 6.5 miles to work and then reverse the procedure. I leave the dog trailer at work for them to stay in during the day. In the evenings I usually run them a longer route coming home. It makes for a long day, but I am awake when I get to work!!!



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